Zico Chain - Anaemia tab

My first tab so please dont be harsh if its bad.


It may not be clear so if you're struggling figure out the rhythm yourself!


Starts with some meaty pickslides/pickscrapes and good ol' feedback!
Then the main riff of the song! (and a catchy one at that!)

E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D-8-1010810-10810810\\\xxxx--|A-8-1010810-10810810\\\xxxx--|D-8-1010810-10810810\\\xxxx--|Repeated 8X
Bridge: Don't let it go, makes you real, made of stone...
E----------------------------|B----------------------------|G----------------------------|D-6666/10101010\88888888-----|A-6666/10101010\88888888-----|D-6666/10101010\88888888-----|Repeated 2X
Then Intro/Verse again but this time softer. Then Bridge again. Chorus: And I don't wish for a life of open doors...
Repeat 3X and and the fourth time end ike this:
(Song Structure at the bottom if i've lost you already) When Chris starts screaming, 'Giving it up!' i just play the main Intro/Verse riff again. i didnt tab the solo because i just improvise and it sounds just as good. The guitar fades out with the main riff again accompanying the words, 'So alone in my Anaemia.' Zico Chain = AMAZING! Anaemia = AMAZING! This song rounds off the album perfectly and is as catchy as it is fun to play. I use a Kustom 30 watt amp with my Schecter Synyster Standard and it sounds immense. As i said this is my first tab so please dont be to harsh. Please be critical and ill answer as many questions as possible! Thanks! Song Structure: Intro/Verse Bridge Verse(but softer) Bridge Chorus Verse(Drum and Bass) Bridge Chorus 'Giving it up!' bit Solo Slow Main Riff Outro to fade out Legend: / Slide Up \ Slide Down x Muted Note
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