Artist: Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer
Song: Mr. Song
Album: Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer

Chords Em HighEE|----------|B|----------|G|----------|D|-2----14--|A|-2----14--|E|-0----12--|
Main Riff:G|-------------------|D|-----4-0------3-4--|A|-5-5---------------|E|----------5-5------|
Verse 1:E|------------------------------|B|-7--7--8-8------7--7--3-3-----|
I'm bashful I'm blue And I really want to dance with you I have horns And a tail And my ego is for sale I'm corny I'm kind and I hope to be aligned I have tricks And trails And my trails won't be unveiled Chorus: Em HighE Em Uh oh shake it baby yeah Em HighE Em Uh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Post Chorus:E|-----------------------------|B|--9--9--12-12----9---9--5-5--|
Verse 2: I'm lonely I'm lost Lazy dazy I'll doze off I have quirks And kooks My favorite author owski buk I'm groovy I'm gray And my groove and gray obey I have spoofs And spins And poof the spoof spins grins (Chorus) Paging Mr. Song
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