Zolof The Rock And Roll Destroyer - Mean Old Coot tab

Tabbed by: Robert Eric

Tunning: Half-Step Down



A#(Slide Down) G F D#eb |--------------------------------------------|Bb |--------------------------------------------|Gb |--------------------------------888888------|Db |--888\----555555------333\2r----888888------| x2Ab |--888\----555555------333\2r----666666------|Eb |--666\----333333------111-------------------|
Verse: Part 1, Strum Once (Let Ring each chord)
A# G F D#eb |-------------------------------|Bb |-------------------------------|Gb |-----------------------8~------|Db |--8~----5~-----3~------8~------| .:Listen to music for timingAb |--8~----5~-----3~------6~------|Eb |--6~----3~-----1~--------------|
eb |-------------------------------|Bb |-------------------------------|Gb |--------------------------8----|Db |--8-pm8---5-pm5---3-pm3---8----| .:Listen to music for timingAb |--8-pm8---5-pm5---3-pm3---6----|Eb |--6-pm6---3-pm3---1-pm1--------|
eb |------------------------|Bb |------------------------|Gb |--5--8-----10------8/---|Db |--5--8--8--10--10--8/---| Ab |--3--6--8--8---10--6/---|Eb |--------6------8--------|
Back to Intro, then Verse... so on... I think thats basically it, the chords are just revolving the whole song. Hope you like it, thank you
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