Zombeast - Flesh Eaters tab

A. E|-------| B.|----------------| B|-------| |----------------|
G|-7-5-7-|-x2 |-10-9-7-5-----7-|-Both A and B togeter played x2. D|-7-5-7-| |-10-9-7-5-8-5-7-| A|-5-3-5-| |-8--7-5-3-8-5-5-| E|-------| |----------6-3---|
C. E|--------| B|--------|
G|--------|-Played after A and B, after you play them twice. D|-8-5-7--| A|-8-5-7--| E|-6-3-5--|
D. E|-------------| E.|------------| B|-------------| |------------|
G|-7-10------7-| |-10-9-7-5-7-|-Both D and E together, played x2. D|-7-10-10-7-7-| |-10-9-7-5-7-| A|-5-8--10-7-5-| |-8--7-5-3-5-| E|------8--5---| |------------|
That's pretty much it. You just have to pretty much repeat it. Tabs by me, Wes.
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