Zombie Ghost Train – Teddy Boy Boogie tab

song:Teddy Boy Boogie
band:Zombie Ghost Train
album:Dealing the Death Card

[i think crazy cavan originally did it]
tabbed by:Louie Mutant

song starts w/doghouse
intro but it is the same
riff as guitar piece
except w/a few triplets in it

e|--------|b|--------|g|--------| d|--------|a|--335533|e|55------|
then goes to
then when stu does the ooooo-oooo-ahhhahhh thing play
figure out the structure of the song yerself im too lazy to count that much i havent figured out the solo yet and i dont really plan on it but you can just play the main riff along w/bass line any questions or if you want more ZGT tabs hit me up myspace.com/assman655321
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