Zombies – Beechwood Park tab

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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 12:19:28 -0500
From: Dann Butterfield 
Subject: TAB:'Beechwood Park' by The Zombies

Beechwood Park
(Chris White)

From Odessey And Oracle, 1967

Verse 1:----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|---------0---------3---2----0-------------------------0-2-|---2---2----2-0------------------4-2-4----------2-1-4-----|----------------4-----------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
Do you remember summer days just after summer rain? Bsus4 B-------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------5-----4-|-------------0------------3---2----0-----------------------4-----4-|-----2---2-------2-0----------------------4-2-4------------4-----4-|---------------------4-------------------------------------2-----2-|-------------------------------------------------------------------|When all the air was damp and warm in the green of country lanes?
Chorus: Em D Cmaj7 G Em: x79987 And the breeze would touch your hair D: x57775 Em D Cmaj7 A Cmaj7: xx10987 Kiss your face and make you care G: 355433 (Bb) (Ab) A: 577655
----------------------------------------- Bb: 688766-|-------------8-6-----------------8-6----- Ab: 466544-|-7---------8-----8-7----7------8-----8-7- Gm: 355333-|----------------------------------------- F: 133211-|----------------------------------------- Eb7: 668686-|----------------------------------------- D7+9: x545---|6x
About your world Your summer world Gm F And we would count the evening stars Eb7 D7+9 As the day grew dark Gm / F / Eb7 / D7+9 / In Beechwood Park Verse 2: Do you remember golden days and golden summer sun? The sound of laughter in our ears and the breeze as we would run? (chorus) Bridge: Bb Ab All roads in my mind take me back in mind Gm F Eb7 D7+9 And I can't forget you, won't forget you won't forget those days (N.C.) And Beechwood Park (verse chords, no vocal) (chorus) (repeat bridge:) All roads in my mind take me back in mind And I can't forget you, won't forget you won't forget those days C B A (bass notes, no guitar in this part) And Beechwood Park *********************************** **submitted by Hirsch Freeman****** **transcribed by Shawn Trotter***** **comments and corrections********* **welcome at drumbo@geocities.com** ***********************************
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