Zombies - Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself chords

Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself  The Zombies
This one was requested, so I hope this is as well done as you all would like. It is a great song!
-Zack Feldman

C	Fm7	G7	F 	<- Organ

Cm	F 

Cm F Cm FGirl I know youre not coming back anymore
Cm F Cm GmSo why oh why do I keep on watching the door
BbI talk to you
G# Bb G#As though you can hear what I say
BbBut Ill lose my mind
G# GIf I keep on acting this way
C AmIve got to get a hold on myself
C EGot to make believe I dont care
C#m EGot to go someplace, find a brand new place
C#m BGot to get out and get somewhere
C AmGot to get a hold on myself
C EGot to take what life has to give
C#m EGot to give it a try, can't lay down and die
C#m BGot to get a hold on myself
Verse 2: Late at night I hear footsteps sound down the hall And I Tell myself that youre coming back after all Telephone rings but theres no one on the line No, no, no When I stop and think I know its all in my mind Chorus Outro: Cm Fm7 G7 F Cm
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