Zombies – Maybe After Hes Gone tab ver. 2

Maybe After Hes Gone: The Zombies


Em Dsuse|------0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-------|B|------0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----1-----1---1-------|G|--------------------------------------------------------|D|----5---5-----------5---5-----------2---2---------------|A|--7-------7---7---5-------5---5---3-------3---3---------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
1._________________________ 2.______ Am Bm Ee|------0-----2---2---------|--0-------|B|------1-----3---3--------o|--0-------|G|--------------------------|--1-------|D|----2---2-----------------|----------|A|--0-------2---2----------o|----------|E|--------------------------|--0-------|
Dm Em F Ge|-----------------------|B|--6----8----10---12----|G|--7----9----10---12----|D|--7----9----10---12----|A|--5----7----8----10----|E|-----------------------|
Em Dsus She told me she loved me C Am Bm With words as soft as morning rain Em Dsus But the light that fell upon me C E Turned to shadow when he came... A B Maybe after he's gone Dm A She'll come back, love me again A B Maybe after he's gone Dm A She'll come back, want me again Em Dsus I remember joy and pain C Am Bm Her smile, her tears are part of me Em Dsus I feel I'll never breathe again C E I feel life's gone from me... Chorus Dm All the days Em And all the nights F G Are time just passing by Dm Em And all the dreams I'm dreaming now F G Hide the tears that I cry... Em Dsus C I feel so cold Am Bm I'm on my own Em Dsus As the night folds in around me C Night surrounds me E I'm alone... Chorus x3
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