Zox - Delicious chords

G Dwhat a difference a day makes
G Dsilence so delicious on days like these
G Dand by the time that my resolve breaks
G Di've already found the beauty down on my knees
G Dyou know i want to be something
G Di never want to be someone new
G Dsome people telling me one thing
G Dbut i know if i fall i'll hold on to you
C Em G Dthere must have been an angel inside my room
C Em G Dthere must have been a smile somewhere in your star tattoo
C Em G Dso twinkle twinkle in your eyes the way it should
C Em G Dthere must have been an angel there inside my room
G Di've got the strength for believing
G Dlife is so contagious in times like these
G Dyou might say it's the season
G Dand lift me up if i ask you please
G Di got a heart for intentions
G Ddon't always know where i'm gonna go
G Dlead you a different direction
G Di can change your life if you let me grow
Repeat Chorus
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