Zox - Anything But Fine Chords tab


(play intro over these chords) F Am Dm Bb , repeat F Bb If I could write you a song F Bb With all the right words F C Then would these black clouds begin to burn up Bb The moment you heard? F Bb If I could make you a map, F Bb Would you find your way home? F C You know you can't keep me alive Bb Leave me alone. Chorus: F Tell me I'm yours. Am Tell me you're mine. Dm Bb Tell me I'm anything but fine. F Tell me a story. Am Tell me the time. Dm Bb Tell me a lie. F Bb If I could make you a tape F Bb With all the right noise, F C Would you smile when you listen and sigh Bb Boys will be boys? F Bb If I could paint you a picture, F Bb I'd turn black into white. F C By now I'm not lookin' for love, Bb Just lookin' for tonight. So ...Chorus And ...Chorus And...Chorus F Am You said that words can only get you so far, Dm Bb But I've got sentences that cover up all my scars. F Am In the end I might forget where they are, Dm Bb Talk to me tonight. F Am And if we started all over today, Dm Bb I think we know that we'd end up in the same place. F Am Maybe you're right and we've got nothing to say, Dm Bb I want to hear it anyway. I want to hear it anyway. Play Intro again over F Am Dm Bb
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