Zutons – Moons And Horror Shows tab

		  Moons And Horror Shows - The Zutons
Tabbed by: The Phwbt

Tuning:  Standard

C/G   332010  (I actually like to play a C and alternate my ring finger between
the A and E strings)
G7    320001
Dm/A  x00231

This song is pretty easy. It follows the C/G, G7, Dm/A, C/G pattern almost throughout.
To go with the song you basically thumb pluck the bass notes and strum the rest of the
chord (Strum once or twice depending on your preference until you slow it down at the
end.  Then you need to strum twice). 
C/G G7 Dm/A C/Ge|----0----0-----0----0--|---1----1-----1----1--|---1----1----1----1--|---0----0-----0---0--|B|----1----1-----1----1--|---0----0-----0----0--|---3----3----3----3--|---1----1-----1---1--|G|----0----0-----0----0--|---0----0-----0----0--|---2----2----2----2--|---0----0-----0---0--|D|----2----2-----2----2--|---0----0-----0----0--|-0---------0---------|---2----2-----2---2--|A|-3-----------3---------|-2----------2---------|------0---------0----|-3----------3--------|E|-------3----------3----|------3----------3----|---------------------|------3----------3---|
Intro: C/G G7 Dm/A C/G G7 Today is a day when many fine things will come Dm/A C/G Today is just a memory tomorrow I know that there's some bad things to come But I'll forget them all until tomorrow The days are long and nights don't come at all We eat and drink and then we fall asleep And then I dream of moons and horror shows And then I'll wake up fresh and new tomorrow Then I dream of moons and horror shows And then I'll wake up fresh and new tomorrow (F)Hmmmm... (D) Hmmmm (F)Hmmmm... (D) Hmmmm (F)Hmmmm... (D) Hmmmm (G)Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
Then throw this in nice and slowe|-------------|B|-------------|G|-------------|D|-------------|A|-----0---2---|E|--3----------|And pick up with.....
C/G G7 Then I dream of moons and horror shows Dm/A C/G And then I'll wake up fresh and new tomorrow And finally end with...
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