Zutons - Havana Gang Brawl tab

Intro: strum Gm|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||------------------0-------------||-5~~/17---------5---5-5p3-------||--------------------------5-----||--------------------------------|
Verse 1: Gm Well the cops are at the door And you know that they want more They've got spears, made for arms Tried to lure you with their charms Em You can hear the guns outside Gm Watching riots with their eyes Em As you move from wall to wall Gm Hear the siren from the gang brawl Verse 2: Gm Line the locals one by one Filling bullets with their guns Are you red, or if you're blue Cause tonight their gonna find the truth Em Take no prisoners today Gm For the future will be laid Em One big city, one big town Gm Everyone with the same crown Chorus: A#m Gm Havana Gang Brawl A#m Gm Havana Gang Brawl A#m A# Havana Gang Brawl Gm Oh where will you sleep tonight? Oh where will you sleep tonight? Verse 3: Gm A doomed old day for engagements They have torn up your arrangements All the mothers, buying razors For the future will be dangerous Em You try desperately to leave Gm But all the trains are dry for steam Em All the taxis on their sides Gm All the planes are burning bright Verse 4: Gm Only one option left To survive or you'll be dead Do you hide now from the sin Or do your blazing guns begin? Em All the shops are up for sale Gm You might make it out on bail Em All the fathers shine today Gm Making sure that son's ok Intro Verse 1 Verse 2 Chorus Verse 3 Chorus Chorus instrumental Verse 4 Chorus (+where will u sleep x2) Intro
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