Zwan - The World Goes Round tab

The World Goes Round by Zwan (
I don't really remember from what show it is from, I downloaded it in mp3 form.
Tabbed by Patrick Vacek (
Standard Tuning

Intro, Verse, and Outro

E E5? A Aadd9e|---0---------0------0-|B|---0---------2------2-|G|---1------4--2------4-|D|---2------2--0------2-|A|---2------2--0------0-|E|---0------0-----------|
A G# F# A G# Ae|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|---7-6--4----7-6--7----|A|---7-6--4----7-6--7----|E|---5-4--2----5-4--5----|
I'm not sure about that E5 chord thing, so just keep playing an E if you don't like it. At the end of the first and third chorus (I think), skip the last A and go right back to the verse. Any comments or questions? E-mail me!
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