Zz Top - Heard It On The X tab version 1

Heard It On The X
ZZ Top

intro: A main riffE--5-| |-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|B--5-| |-5p0-0-----|-5p0-0-----|-5p0-0-----|-7p0-0-5---|G--6-| |-5p0-0-6-6-|-5p0-0-6-6-|-5p0-0-6-6-|-7p0-0-5---|D--7-| |-5p0-0-7-7-|-5p0-0-7-7-|-5p0-0-7-7-|-7p0-0-5-5-| x 2A--7-| |-------7-7-|-------7-7-|-------7-7-|---------5-|E--5-| |-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
main riff Do you remember back in nineteen sixty-six? Country Jesus, hillbilly blues, that's where I learned my licks. Oh, from coast to coast and line to line in every county there, I'm talkin' 'bout that outlaw X is cuttin' through the air.
E------------|------------------|B---7-7-10-7-|---------9-9-12-9-|G---7-7-10-7-|---------9-9-12-9-|D------------|------------------|A------------|-5-5-6-7----------|E-0----------|-------0----------|Anywhere, y'all, everywhere, y'all
E-----|-------|---------|B-5-0-|-0-5-0-|-0-5-0-2-|G-5-0-|-0-5-0-|-0-5-0-2-|D-5-0-|-0-5-0-|-0-5-0-2-|A-----|-------|---------|E-----|-------|---------|I heard it, I heard it,I heard it on the X.
main riff x 1 We can all thank Doctor B who stepped across the line. With lots of watts he took control, the first one of its kind. So listen to your radio most each and every night 'cause if you don't I'm sure you won't get to feeling right. Anywhere, y'all, everywhere, y'all, I heard it, I heard it, I heard it on the X. guitar solo - same as verse
main riff x 3 EE------------------------------------------------0-|B------------------------------------------------0-|G------------------------------------------------1-|D----------------333222111000--------------------2-|A-000111222333445------------332111000-----------2-|E-------------------------------------44433322-1-0-|
main riff x 3 and fade...
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