A Great Big World - I Dont Wanna Love Somebody Else chords

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A Great Big World:
I Don't Wanna Love Somebody Else- Is There Anybody Out There? (2014)

Capo 3

Intro: C F

C                     F
Oh, I built a world around you
C                     F
Oh, you had me in a dream, 
I lived in every word you said
      G         E
The stars had aligned
                  Am       G
I thought that I found you
    F              G            C     F
And I don't wanna love somebody else

C                      F
Oh, we left it all unspoken
C                  F
Oh, we buried it alive,
And now it's screaming in my head
C                      F
Oh, I shouldn't go on hoping
C                              F
Oh, that you will change your mind,
And one day we could start again
     G        E                 Am       G
Well I don't care if loneliness kills me
F              G            C     G Am F G F
I don't wanna love somebody else

C                            F
Oh, I thought that I could change you
C                            F                           C
Oh, I thought that we would be the greatest story that I tell
    G             E                   Am   G
I know that it's time to tell you it's over
    F              G            Am     F G C
But I don't wanna love somebody else
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