Aaron Gillespie - We Were Made For You chords

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Chords for "We Were Made For You" by Aaron Gillespie:


Intro: Bm, A, G (2X)

Verse 1:
                 Bm        A 
We come to be with you, Come and bring you 

Our attention, Our Affection 

                    Bm       A
We’re here to be with you, Here to bring you 

Our Offering, Here in this place 

         F#m       G                        F#m        G
Deep inside our hearts, We wanna scream it out 

            D                 F#m              G                   D            A
You are God, You are God, We were made for you, Shout for you

            D                 F#m            G                D      A           G              Bm
You are God, You are God, We will live for you, Everything we do, You are God 

Verse 2:
           Bm                               A 
God of creation, You came from Heaven

You became a man, bringing hope again

                    Bm                               A 
You laid your life down, Took all of our sin

Nailed it to the cross, where you paid it all, 

            F#m      G               F#m      G 
Now we bow our hearts, and stand in awe


Bridge: (2X)
                      G        A F#m               G     A F#m
There’s no one like you, You are the only truth 

                        G              A F#m                G         A F#m (2nd Time Stay on A)
In a world that’s so confused, There is no one like you

Chorus (2X)

Outro: (Same As Intro)
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