Aaron Pritchett - My Way chords

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My Way

Intro: B  A  E  B 
            B                   A 
 There's a kind of lovin' that don't take much 
        E                        B 
 It'll leave you colder than a stranger's touch 
       B             A 
 Some guys will lie late at night 
 E                     B 
 Then they're gone by morning light 
 Well that ain't my way, baby sure enough 
 If you look my way you'll find my love 
 Strong as an oak solid as a pine 
 It shines like the stars above 
 My way is moonlit nights 
 Sunny days and treatin you right 
      A                       F# 
 You may have been in love before 
 But not my way 
              B                 A 
 There's the kind of man knows all the lines 
      E                  B 
 The body language, the zodiac signs 
         B                     A 
 It's a cold cold game and he plays to win 
             E                   B 
 But theres always a loser when that game ends 
 Instrumental break: B  E    A    B 
           A                      F# 
 Well you may have been in love before 
         B        A 
 But not my way (my way) 
 E       B 
 My way   

 To play it a little easier way you can capo 2 and play 
 these chords instead of the ones listed: 
 A -----> G 
 B        A 
 E        D 
 F#       E 
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