Abundant Life Ministry - You Are chords

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You Are
Key C

Verse 1:

C              Cmaj7           
Love unfailing truth unchanging
Am          F
I depend on You
C                Cmaj7
Faithful Father, peace forever
Am             F
I will rest in You

Dm             G     
Unshakeable my hope remains
Dm             G
Lord I believe in You


    C                            G
You are the strength of those in need
    Am                  F   
You are defender of the weak
    C                 G   
You are everything we need
            Dm               F         
You are our God, You are our God

Verse 2:

God of mercy
C/B            Am                   F
I will live in praise of all You've done
God eternal
G             G/B       F
By Your power I will overcome


Am          F                 
None greater, none higher
C             Em         
All praise to God our savior
Am        F
Unchanging, unfailing
C             Em           
All praise to You our Savior
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