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Adam Craig Band - Nothing Wrong chords

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Great new song by the The Adam Craig Band (  
Couldnt find it anywhere so figured it tab it myself.


Intro: A  E  A  D

   E                                       A
We all got more, than this nowhere town in common
E                                              A
It aint much to talk about it, but here we are talking.
D                                                   A
We dont got a lot of money, but that wont be what stops us
              E                      D
From having a good time and living a good life.

           A                       E
We got the moon light, we got some cold beer,
        F#                           D
And the bonfire aint the only thing burning here.
           A                       E
We got the radio, to sing with the songs we know,
        F#                         D
And the ones we dont, we just hum along,
                F#     E
No, we aint got nothing

nothing wrong!

Interlude: A  E  A  D

Way out here, we got a whole lot of mud to get stuck in
Just enough gas for one last cheap beer-run in
One, two, three not it, no it aint me drivin,
Tonight im tailgate drinkin, a little shotgunnin
maybe later on i might get some lovin


aint got those traffic lights getting in the way
or stop and go, out on the interstate
We dont got nothing, but everything!

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