Adam Green And Binki Shapiro - Casanova chords

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Ab                                               Cm     Fm
Forgive my ugliness, should I find out
Db                                        Eb
Something I dont wanna know about
Ab                                          Fm
Dont disinclude me, treat me like a king
Db                           Eb
Casanova to the mentally ill
Ab                                               Cm   Fm
I dont know why it comes as no surprise
Db                            Eb
Soon, main demotion, the tears in your eyes
Ab                                              Fm
Dont want the wrong person holding you
Db                                                          Eb
Go where youve been, your minds an easy read

Bb                              Dm
Why are you always finding
     Eb                               F
New ways of wasting my time?
Bb                              Dm
Why are you always hiding?
     Eb                                                 F
Am I not supposed to look you in the eye?

Ab Fm Db Eb
Ab Fm Db Eb
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