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Adam Green - Here I Am chords

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Chords: G, Am, Bm, C. 
        G, Am, Bm, C, D7.    (with fills on the ending chords which I did not tab) 
The chords are plucked except in the chorus and when Adam sings.

    Lyrics:  G      Am        Bm        C
            Looking down the line that you 
             G      Am        Bm      C    D7
            Left a trail I hope you will undo
             G      Am        Bm          C
            The echoes of failure inside someone
             G      Am        Bm      C    D7
            To learn to feel the flavor of the sun
                   G    Am     Bm    C       D7
            Binki:Here I am meet me as before and more again
            Adam: Here    I   am           as before again
            Binki:I won't let my endings keep me from you again
            Adam: I      won't  be   kept      from   you again

           Taking you from the back of my mind
           to keep you with me always all the time
           imagining sins i hope for you 
           pretending to be realistic too


          Crack through the grip look up
         at what you've touched 
          hiding yourself in the wrong place for love

          Repeat chorus til end of song

        Hope this helps anyone who wants to play this wonderful song and feel free 
to comment with corrections.
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