Aidan Knight - Jasper chords

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This is my first tab
Its such a good song and when i couldn't find a tab for it, i just had to figure 
it out so here it is

PS when you see "run" That just means you walk down from the G to the Em simply by 
playing the F# on the way down

Aidan Knight - Jasper

Verse 1:

G                       C
Came up to the water

Put my feet into it

Bathed my heels in Jasper
Felt the sand give an inch

G                       C
All the people bathing

Teeth became connected

Smiling while we waded
Into the shallowness


G   run  Em   C      G     
Take me down to the water
G   run Em  C                  G
Fill you up with the deepest of sorrows
G   run   Em   C         G
That's my man, that's my brother
G  run  Em   C      G
Shine a light on my home

Verse 2:

G                          C
Oh when I was frightened

When you put your face in

The mouth of the canyon
The murky water tide

G                     C
What a relief to see

All your sins absolved

Without a washing cloth
Just the stillness of the night

Verse 2

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