Airbourne - White Line Fever tab

this is my first tab that i submit and so i will start with some easy stuff:
White line fever - intro/verse
tuning: standart

         lead guitar
h|-----------------------------------------------------|  \
g|--7h9---7-6-7-6--------------------------------------|   | 
d|----------------7---7---7---7---5--------------------|   |
a|------------------------------------7----------------|   |
e|-----------------------------------------------------|   ( 
                                                               > repeat this
         rhythm guitar                                       /   for 4 times
e|-----------------------------------------------------|   (     in the 
h|--------3--------------------------------------------|   |     intro and 
g|--------2-------2---2---2---2------------------------|   |     also 4 
d|----2---0-------2---2---2---2------------------------|   |     times in 
a|----2-----------0---0---0---0-------0---2------------|  /      verse

it sounds right to me.
if you have any suggestions or wishes to a song, please e-mail me:
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