Alabama 3 - Bullet Proof chords

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Artist: Alabama 3
Song: Bullet Proof
Album: Power in the Blood
**Tabbed by: TheIrishFrog**
D----7/9--999-----------------2--222------   Repeat 6x's  -------|

lively, lively, lively, lively, lively
let this world survive, survive me
been there for long time
ya, I'm headin back
love my life thats why I'm livin like that
know how to move
know when to stay
know how to get shit out of my way
what is my message?
well that will be law
comin to you from above

      E	      G   E
I got fifteen felonies
      E	      G       E
I got twenty three misdemeanors
      E	         G      E          E        G  E
I got APB's from Anchorage all the way down to cleveland
      E	      G   E
a million dollar reward
      E	      G       E
they want me alive or dead
           E         G     E
they gonna put three in my body
      E	        G     E
gonna put three in my head

E   G          A
Up against the wall
B       B      E
snipers on the roof
E               G      A
thought I was a gonner baby
B   D      E E
I'm bullet proof yeah
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