Aladdin A Musical Spectacular - Lucky Bird chords

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C                   Dm     Am
Lucky bird inside a gilded cage
C                        Am  Dm  G
Golden words spoke by an ancient sage
Am                 Em      Am
Everything you may have in life,
Dm                    Em
Still all you hold is dust.

C            Em            Am
Must I yearn forever to be free?
Am                       Em  Am
Free to climb a tree and ponder-
Am      C  G
Free to wander.
C          Em            Am
There's no desire I hold fonder
Am      Dm         F          C
Than to be, simple me - to be free.

C                      Dm    Am
How ungrateful is this lucky bird?
C                          Am Dm  G
Spurning privilege for one simple word.
Am                       Em     Am
Freedom to stretch these golden wings,
Dm                   Em
Freedom to touch the sky.

C                   Em                Am
Why, some would ask what she wants to be.
Am                   Em  Am
Free to throw away a treasure,
C         G
Poor with pleasure,
C             Em            Am
I'd sacrifice riches beyond measure.

       G            Am
Just a girl, with a boy.
C      Dm      Cm
What a perfect fantasy...
        G             Am
To find love, to feel joy.
Dm    Am     C
To be really FREE.
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