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Alain Clark - Wherever I Go chords

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Play on acoustic guitar
Normal Tuning
This is NOT the official version this is the EASY version. 


Am   : x-0-2-2-1-0
C    : 0-3-2-0-1-0
G    : 3-2-0-0-3-3
D    : x-x-0-2-3-2
B    : 2-2-3-3-3-2
Cadd9: x-3-2-0-3-3
Dsus4: x-x-0-2-3-3
Em   : 0-2-2-0-0-0
Ab   : 1-1-3-3-3-1


Am - C - G - D  (2x)


Am                   C       G     D 
We say goodbye I can recall why I had to go.

Am              C          G              B       
Another day another place blue skies sunny sights. 


Am                        C                B
I'm with my feet in the sand right now but I hold by..


Am       C                      G           D
Oooooooooooooh I wish you were here yeah here

Am       C

Chorus (2x):

G                                        Cadd9
Baby If you ever wonder you're wherever I go

                 Dsus4 D
You're wherever I go oooooooooh

Bridge (2x):

Some say I will get by

Some say time will fly by

Ab            Am            G D
Some say that I'm the lucky one

Chorus again....

The end

I hope it's helpfull to you it's my first tab, but please let me know if there's any mistakes!

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