Alan Jackson - Dixie Highway chords

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Chorus & Solos: 
4 1 5 1
4 1 5 1

1 1 4 1
1 1 5 1

Intro: Banjo lick then, four bar electric riff then,  G G G G  (1 1 1 1)

      C                   G           D                G
I was born on the Dixie Highway, red clay and Georgia pines
       C                    G                  D                G
I was raised on the Dixie Highway, no sweeter place youll ever find.

Wood frame house and a gravel driveway
       C                     G
Willow trees and old front porch
Just outside the city limits,
         D       G
Down on highway 34.

Repeat Chorus:

Electric Solo: Chorus Progression

That crappy tobacco growing on the roadside
Rolled it up and we smoked it down.
Dont do much, but it makes you feel big
When you’re ten years old in a tiny town.

Repeat Chorus:

Fiddle Solo: Chorus Progression

Had a chicken pen right in the backyard
Clothes line running east to west
Butter bean and Tomato garden, 
Six days and a Sunday rest.

Repeat Chorus:

Piano Solo: Chorus Progression

Summertime, hot and hazy, 
Bare feet and a water hose
Melon rind on a country table
Lightning bugs when the sun goes down.

Repeat Chorus:

Electric Guitar Solo: Chorus Progression

And the holy ghost on a Sunday morning,
Gospel songs and a Bible read
Sunday lunch at mommas table, 
Thank the Lord and break the bread.

Repeat Chorus:

Electric Guitar & Banjo Solos: Chorus Progression

Had a screened in porch right out the backdoor,
Washing machine and an old wood stove
Momma singing in the kitchen, 
Rolling homemade biscuit dough.

Repeat Chorus:

Acoustic Guitar Solo: Chorus Progression

Spoken: Alright were gonna break down this next verse

(Nc. or scratch it out if playing on your own)
When Im old Heavens calling
And they come to carr-me go away
Just lay me down, down in the south land
Bury me in the Georgia clay.        

Repeat Chorus and tag (No sweeter place you'll ever find) - X2
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