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Alan Jackson - Chasin That Neon Rainbow chords

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[G]                [C]
Daddy won a radio, tuned it to a country show
      [D]                           [C]                   [D]
I was rockin' in the cradle, to the cryin' of a steel gui-tar
[G]                      [C]
Mama used to sing to me, taught me that sweet harmony
        [D]                                 [C]                       [G]
Now she worries cause she never thought, I'd ever really take it this far
Singin' in the bars

[G]                        [C]                    [G]
Chasin' that neon rainbow, livin' that honky tonk dream
[G]       [Bm] [Em]           [A]                  [D]      
 All I've ever wanted, was to pick this guitar and sing
[C]                       [G]        [C]                [A]
   Just tryin' to be some-body, just wanna be heard and seen
[C]          [D]  [G]  [C]  [A]         [D]        [G]
Chasin' that neon rain-bow, Livin' that honky tonk dream

[G]                            [C]
An atlas and a coffe cup, five pickers in an old Dodge truck
[D]                            [C]              [D]
Headin' down to Houston, for a show on Saturday night
     [G]                     [C]
This overhead is killin' me, half the time I sing for free
             [D]                      [C]                             [G]
But when the crowd's into it, lord it makes this thing I'm doing seem right
Standin' in the spotlight


[A]                     [D]
Daddy's got a radio, he won it thirty years ago
         [E]                         [D]                         [E]
He said "Son I just know we're gonna hear you singin' on it some-day"
  [A]                          [D]
I made it up to Music Row, but lordy don't the wheels turn slow
         [E]                           [D]                        [A]
Still I wouldn't trade a minute, and I wouldn't have it any other way
Just show me to the stage
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