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Alannah Myles - Lover Of Mine tab

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This based off the only other tab for this song on Ultimate. The original is fine but is 
little high for most of us to sing. This version is lower and a little closer to the 
song. Enjoy!!!

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[G] Why do I feel like I'm losing [C]you?
[G] Will it ever recall what I always [C]wanted it to?
[D] Tell me I'm the [C]lucky one,
[D]- but how you say [C]that
when it [D]breaks my heart to [C]see another one with [D]you?

[C]Oo[D]oh, lover of [Em]mine,
[C]Oo[D]oh, lover of [Em]mine.
When it [C]hurts so [G]bad
I wanna [D]hold you in my [Em]arms.
Make me [C]feel like you wanna [D]be
lover of [G]mine.

After we've said what there is to say
Am I stealing your heart or am I just in your way?
Mighty sigh for you is running wild
Jalousy, dangerous kind,
when I see you looking at another one that way.


[Am]Please set me free or [Em]give me your reason
[Am]- I try to keep it [Em]alive.
[Am]There is no need for [Em]us to be lonely
[Am]- give me some kind of [C] hope, I'm walking on [D]fire.


Make me feel like you wanna be lover of mine...
Make me feel like you wanna be lover of mine...
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