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Alannah Myles - Black Velvet chords

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This is an adaptation of the tab done by I have found no decent tabs
this song which have both the chords and the lyrics accurately represented so here goes.
folks have this in a minor key. It is sung in a minor key but it does not seem the minor 
note (G in the key of E) is even actually played. The Dm tabs? Puhleeze. Watch the

Notes: The recording is tuned a half-step flat (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
             but I am writing this as if in standard tuning.
             It doesn't sound good in standard tuning to me though.
              Please correct the chords if you hear more precise alternates.

Intro: [whispering unintelligible phrase "..?  you enjoy yourself all day..?"]

E  (with blues fills)
          Mmmmm     mmmm    oooooo  (ad lib)

Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell

Jimmie Rogers on the victrola up high

Mamas dancing - baby on her shoulder

The sun is setting like molasses in the sky
    B+4 B7                          a+4 A7
The boy could sing and knew how to move  -  everything
G                      D
Always wanting more    -   it leaves you longing for

                Am                     D
Chorus:         Black Velvet in that little boy's smile
                Am                      F            C
                Black Velvet with that slow southern style
                Am                      D
                A new religion that'll bring you to your knees
                 C7       B7                 E
                Black Velvet   -   if you please

Up in Memphis the music is like a heat wave
White Lightnin'  -  bound to drive you wild
Mamas baby is in the heart of every school girl
Love me Tender leaves em cryin' in the isles

The way he moved it was a sin - so sweet and true
Always wanting more it leaves you longing for


Am                   Bm                         E
Every word of every song that he sang was for you
Am                  F                       C7     B7                  E
In a flash he was gone  -  it happened so soon    -    what could you do?


-CHORUS-   2x

fade out on E with blues fills   (  vocals repeat "if you please")
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