Albert Hammond - When Im Gone chords

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( capo 2nd fret )

C Add 2nd [ch]Cadd2[/ch] : {x 3 0 0 1 0}

intro : play intro bit fast.
    C - [ch]Cadd2[/ch] - C - [ch]Cadd2[/ch] - F - G        
             C                                 Am
1. When Im gone, will you take good care of everything 
               A               Dm                    G       G7
    Will you keep wearing your wedding ring, when Im gone
                C                               Am
    And when Im gone, will you take out all the photographs,
             A             Dm                    G       G7
    maybe spend a moment in the past when Im gone 
         E               Am                   D           G           F
Will you miss me in the night will your arms reach out to hold me tight
    E                 Am           F             G       G7
and keep me in your dreams in your heart in your life
                    C               Am             Dm
Sometimes I want to run to you like lovers do when love is new
 E                   F                  Dm                 G
just for a moment be close to you pretending Im still holding you
                     C              Am               Dm
And even when Im far away the dreams will stay and someday
 E                       F         Dm                  G
after we both chased our fantasies love will bring you back to me

intro : C - [ch]Cadd2[/ch] - C - [ch]Cadd2[/ch] - F - G 
           C                              Am
2. When Im gone, Ill be thinking bout you constantly
                A                Dm               G     G7
    cause youre locked inside my memories from now on
          C                                Am
    And I know that we said we needed time apart
              A                   Dm                G         G7
    but your love keeps pulling at my heart pulling strong
+ CHORUS   + intro (2x)  + only last 4 lines of  CHORUS .
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