Alessis Ark - Over The Hill chords

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Over The Hill by Alessi's Ark

Tabbed by: putthekettleon

very nice and very simple :)

Tuning: Standard


     Am     C    Em7   G

Basically it's Am, C then Em7 in the Verses, and then Am, C and G in the chorus.
for example:

intro:   Am   C   Em7

Am          C
Once we get over the hill
We'll find a library
Am         C
I like the bird books best
But you can choose from a variety

Am                   C
And if you shake the book really fierce
Out will fly a note from me
Am                  C
I know we'll get there eventually
But i'm english, so bear with me

Am     C    G
I love you
 Am        C   G
Oh, I love you

We feed ducks in the local park
And eat ice-cream, get all jittery
Not from the sugar in the dessert itself
But from what you do to me
I want us to be sewn together
On a detailed embroidery
So the distance and the water between us
Won't keep you away from me

I love you
Oh, I love you

Well, all the rivers, oceans and lakes
Try to wash you on a shore faraway
And all the miles and the months that we wait
I've packed my suitcase, I'm here to stay
Oh, I will walk across vast miles of sand
To keep wrapped up in your hands
It's just a shame that from the very beginning
You've always been her man

I love you
Oh, I love you

It's just a shame that from the very beginning
You've always been her man 
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