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Alice In Chains - Down In A Hole Acoustic tab

Song: Down in a Hole
Artist: Alice in Chains
Album: Unplugged

Tabbed by Jarred B.

I noticed there was no tabs on the site for this version of the song so here it is. This
is my first attempt at a tab. I think im pretty close to correct but if you disagree then
share your corrections instead of complaining about it. This is one of my all-time fave
songs. Enjoy.

Guitar I - Jerry Cantrell - Acoustic
Guitar II - Scott Olson - Acoustic

[Intro and Verse] - Guitar I

e  --------------------------3--------2------2-----|
B o-0h1----------1------------3---------3----------|
G ------2-----------2----------0----------2--------|
D ---------2-------------------------0-------------|
A o-0---------0------------------------------------|
E  --------------------------3---------------------|
   "Bur -               y   me          softly in this

[Prechorus] (Strumming pattern not tabbed)

Guitar I

|o-----------------3------------3------------------| o
|--9--10-9--7---- 0------------0-------------------|
|o-0--0--0--0--- -2--------------------------------| o

Guitar II

"Down...      don't...         I can be saved."

[Chorus] (Strumming pattern not tabbed)

Guitar I


Guitar II

   "Down  in a  hole
    Feelin so small
    Down in a hole
    Losing con-trol"

Played during last chorus by Guitar II.

[Post chorus] (Strumming pattern not tabbed)

Guitar I & 2

"I'd     like     to     fl-      y     but"
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