Alicia Bridges - Prelude To A Kiss chords

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Intro: A, Dmaj7  x4

             A   Dmaj7
Sometimes I feel
                A      Dmaj7
Like I don't belong anywhere
                A      Dmaj7
And it's gonna take so long
               A      Dmaj7
For me to get somewhere

Sometimes I feel
So heavy hearted
But I can't explain
Cuz I'm so guarded
             A      G       F#maj
But that's a lonely road to travel
      A     G       F#maj
And a heavy load to bare
           A          G      F#maj
And it's a long, long way to heaven
            F         E
But I gotta get thereee

                A    Dmaj7
Can you send an angel?
             A          Dmaj7
Can you send me an angel?
    A   Dmaj7
Guide me

A   Dmaj7   A   Dmaj7   fade to end.
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