Alison Krauss - Simple Love chords

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                             Simple love
                            Alison Krauss
                         Tabbed by unicorn007.

Standard tuning.

As I've not found any tabs for this song, I thought I'd have a bash myself.
I found finger picking the chords sounds best as you can play around with it.
This is my first Tab I have put on here, it sounds pretty good to me.
Hope you enjoy it.

      E                E
Little yellow house sittin' on a hill

    E            E
That is where he lived

     E           E
That is where he died

Every Sunday morning

        A                E
Hear the weeping willows cry.

Two children born

A beautiful wife

 E                             E
Four walls and livin's all he needed in life

  A                         E
Always givin' never asking back

   Bsus2     C#min           Bsus2
I wish I had a simple love like that.


  E                   E
I want a simple love like that

  A              Am
Always giving, never asking back

         E               C#m      
for when I'm in my final hour lookin' back

          E    Bsus2            E
I hope I had a simple love like that.

second verse:

E                    E
My momma was his only little girl

 E                                        E
If he'd had the money he'd have given her the world

A                                              E
Sittin' on the front porch together they would sing

Bsus2            C#min     Bsus2
Oh how I long to hear that harmony.

Repeat chorus twice to end.

E        022100
A        x02220
Am       x02210
C#min    x46654
Bsus2    x24422
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