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Allman Brothers - Seven Turns tab

Part 1 - Steel String Acoustic
Part 2 - Slide (EADGBe)Standard Tuning

Part 1 is done 4 times in total and the slide starts
after part one has been completed twice (Strumming on D Varies)
You will have to listen to song to figure strumming out.

                               ^  V  ^ (D)
1.|----------------------------2--2--2----------|  x4

  |-----------------------------12\10---------12 12/10-10-------------|
  |-----2/4--0--2--2h4 4~2-2-----------12/14--------------------------|

Chords to song are:

G  - 320033
C* - x32033
C  - x32010
Em - 022000 or 022033
Am - x02210
D  - xx0232

*Slide Parts in rest of song are apparently a mystery so far. If anyone knows them...put em on :P
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