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Aly And Aj - Do You Believe In Magic tab

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G5 355xxx 
A5 577xxx  
A#5 688xxx
F5 133xxx
A#Bd x133xx
C5 x355xx

electric guitar 

Intro: G5, A5, A#5, A5, G5, A5, A#5

                 F5               A#Bd                     F5   
Do you believe in magic, in a young girls heart, how the music can free her
   A#Bd                     F5             A#Bd                 F5
whenever it starts and it's majic, if the music if groovy, it makes you 
                   A#Bd                    G5              A5            A#5
feel happy like an old-time movie. I'll tell you 'bout the magic it'll free 
      A5                  C5
your soul, but it's like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll.


Outro: A#Bd, F5    4x
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