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Aly And Aj - Something More tab

capo - 1st fret

this is the plucking bit that goes through the first verse and start of second (I finger 
this bit, can be done however i guess...)

chords used for the verse
   Dm    G    C9     D

Dm  C9   G              D
i didnt know what was instore.
Dm   C9         G      D
When I walked right through the door.
Dm   C9     G         D
Then I saw you over there,
Dm   C9         G             D      Dm
our blue eyes locked in a stare.
C9      G          D         Dm    C9
I didn't know quite what to say,
   G            D
sometimes words get in the way.



(by the way this chours is still in relation with the capo)

Verse 2
Dm    C9       G               D
In black and white I read the screen
Dm    C9        G       D
all your lines and in-between
Dm       C9       G       D
Then your message on the phone
Dm     C9        G           D      Dm
I save to hear when I'm all alone
C9         G                 D      D
And Now I know just what to say
C9    G               D
this doesn't happen everyday

Chours 2

(same as chours 1)


play these chords

Dm  C9  G  D x2

(Same sort of strumming like the verse)








(the outro chords are the same structure as the verse and bridge)

Dm  C9  G  D x3

and on the forth time fade out or end it how ever u want to end it

Righto thats about it, and questions or corrections leave a comment or email
but im pretty sure this is right

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