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Alyssa Jacey - Love And Hate tab

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Love and Hate

          E                                                 A
V1: Sunday, why are you on my mind?
C                                                                      A
You’d think that with the sun outside…I’d be ok.

V2: One way, or another I think I’m gonna have to let you go,
And I already know…that you’re ok.
		D		A
Refrian: Love and hate…I found them…
There’s no way around them…
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G			C	D				    G
And I, I don’t wanna, hear you, (I don’t wanna see your face)
G		   	C 	D		G
And I don’t wanna loose you, (or your embrace)
G			C	D			      G
And I, I don’t wanna fear you, (I just wanna let you in)
G		  C      D		Em		C		D
If only I could read you, trust you again, oh trust you again,
	     E		A	E	A
If I let you in.

V3:Wrong way, I guess I should have read your exit sign,
It’s too late now and I, I’ve lost my way.

V4: Heart ache, and happiness are what you brought into my life,
I wonder if we made things right,
Could I make you stay?

Refrian: Love and hate…I found them…
There’s no way around them…

Bridge: Baby, don’t run away, cuz I’ve got something to say
And baby, please don’t run away, I gotta know, what makes me keep on loving you… who who 
who who who, ooooo, la da da da da

Chorus loops
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