Amon Tobin - El Cargo tab

This is the guitar and the bass combined into one guitar tab, and because of this, the E
string needs to be tuned down to a C (but this is optional! You don't have to play the
bass parts if you don't want to!). I just though that using one instrument to play the 
whole thing would useful if you want to sneak around your house and holding your guitar
like an SC-20K and pretending to shoot sticky cameras at your pets.

This is the main riff that is heard throughout many parts of the song. Every time a
guitar is heard it is playing this riff as a whole or parts of this riff separately.

Each note is palm muted! Every note.
E |----------------------------|----------------------------|
B |----------------------------|----------------------------|
G |--8--7--5-----5-------------|----------------------------|
D |-----------8----------------|--------------8--7--5--0----|
A |-----------------3--5--6----|--8--6--5--3----------------|
C |----------------------------|----------------------------|

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