Among The Oak And Ash - Shady Grove tab

Shady Grove
Among the Oak & Ash

this is my first tab, please comment

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Intro (listen to the song for the rythm)

e |---------------------|    |-----------------|
A |-1h3-----------------|    |-----------------|
D |-----2---------------| x2 |-0h2-----0h2-----|
G |-------3-0-0h2-3-2-0-|    |------0-------0--|
B |---------------------|    |-----------------|
E |---------------------|    |-----------------|


e |--------------------1-3-5-5--6h8-5-3-1--------0--------|-----------------|
A |-1h3-3-3h5-3-1--1h3--------------------1--1h3---1-3-3--|-----------------|
D |-------------------------------------------------------|-0h2-----0h2-----|
G |-------------------------------------------------------|------0-------0--|
B |-------------------------------------------------------|-----------------|
E |-------------------------------------------------------|-----------------|
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