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Anais Mitchell - 1984 tab

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Anais Mitchell Ė 1984

Itís just been stuck in my head, so went to her YouTube vid to see what she was playing
(check it out here:

Gotta love Orwell meets folk. Hereís the chords, Iím sure you can figure out the picking
pattern by listening to it, pretty straightforward.

D*: xx2030 (hammer on 2nd fret on e string)
C2: x32033
Em: 022000
C: x32010
G: 320033
G/F#: 2x0033

Intro: D*--C2--Em--C-- // D*--C2--G-G/F#-Em--

D* C2    Em   C
Down at headquarters, thereís a big database
D* C2 G  G/F#
With black and white photos, of the side of your beautiful face
D* C2 Em C
And your library records, and all your test scores
D* C2 G G/F#
And an invitation to party like itís 1984
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