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Anais Mitchell - Changer tab

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			     Changer  Anais Mitchell
Tabbed by: Sam Bevet

Tuning: Standard, Capo 4th Fret

      Csus4  C
if I can't keep it
                Gsus4        G
at least let me call it by name
that was called falling
this is called pain
             Csus4          C
it's called love, what I'm losing
        Gsus4       G
I know love is a stranger
I know that changes come
I know love is a changer
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                Am     Asus4   F
but speaking of loving you, I do
                Am    Asus4  F
I'm telling you stranger to stranger
          Am     Asus4   F
whatever changes come to you
                Am   Asus4   F
I'm telling you changer to changer

*On the F walk up, start with an F, 
 then walk the bass note up on each sung syllable: G-A-B.

C            G          F (G    A   B)
morning has stolen your shadow from me
    C          G           F
but I hold its shape in my mind
         C             G             F     (G  A  B)
it's the shape of your back when you turned it on me
C   G    F
one last time

Csus4     Gsus4
e|-0-|   e|-3-|
B|-1-|   B|-1-|
G|-0-|   G|-0-|
D|-3-|   D|-0-|
A|-3-|   A|-2-|
e|-X-|   e|-3-|


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