Andrew Peterson - Hosea chords

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Dbm, B, E, A

Dbm                    B
Every time I lay in the bed beside you,
E           A
Hosea, Hosea,
Dbm                     B                 E       A
I hear the sound of the streets of the city.
Dbm                   Abm
My belly growls like a hungry wolf
          B                     E        A
And I let it prowl till my belly's full.
                          E     B E A        
Hosea, my heart is a stone.

Please believe me when I say I'm sorry,
Hosea, Hosea,
You loveable, gullible man.
I tell you that my love is true
Till it fades away like a morning dew.
Hosea, leave me alone.

Abm              A
Here I am in the Valley of Trouble.
E                B
Just look at the bed that I've made:
Abm             A         E      B
Badlands as far as I can see.
Dbm                 B           A
There's no one here but me, Hosea.

    Dbm                     B
I stumbled and fell in the road on the way home,
E      A
Hosea, Hosea.
Dbm                        B           E
I lay in the brick street like a stray dog.
Dbm                   Abm
You came to me like a silver moon
         B               E      A            
With the saddest smile I ever knew.
                 E    B E A
Hosea carried me home again.
E        B E A      B
Home again.

You called me out to the Valley of Trouble
Just to look at the mess that I've made,
A barren place where nothing can grow.
One look and my stone heart crumbled
It was a valley as green as jade.
Abm                A
I swear it was the color of hope.
E             B           A
You turned a stone into a rose, 
              F#        B
Hosea. Hosea

F#        B

Dbm                          B            E
I sang and I danced like I did as a young girl,
Hosea, Hosea.
Dbm                B        E
I am a slave and a harlot no more.
Dbm                        B
You washed me clean like a summer rain
F#                            E         A
And you set me free with that ball and chain.
                         E         A   
Hosea, I threw away the key.
       E                  A
I'll never leave.

E, A, E, A
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