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Andy Williams - Charade chords

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Charade:Andy Williams.
#100 Billboard in 1964. Theme of movie
of the same name.


Dm             A      Dm
When we played our charade..we were like 
children posing.  
Gm         A      Gm         A      Gm
Playing at games, acting out names..guessing 
    A7       Dm     A7
the parts we played.

Dm         A      Dm
Oh, what a hit we made..we came on next 
to closing.  
Gm          A     Gm       A    Gm
Best on the bill..lovers left   
    A7     Dm
the masquerade.

Gm   C7        Am       Dm
Fate seemed to pull the strings..  
Gm           C   Am   D7
I turned and you were gone.  
Gm    C7       Am       Dm
While from the darkened wings..  
    Em    Gm         A7 
the music box played on.  

Dm         A    Dm
Sad little of my 
heart's composing.
Gm        A      Gm       A
I hear it still..I always will..  
Gm          A7          Dm  Gm A Dm
best of the bill..char..ade. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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