Angelic Upstarts - England chords

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Intro: G Cadd9 Dsus4 G Dsus4 D

G                          Cadd9          Dsus4
The red in the flag is the blood that was spilt

       G                         Cadd9    Dsus4
In the way that your forefathers tell

    G               Cadd9   Dsus4
And never a country been so great

    G                      Dsus4  D
The stories Britannia coud tell

  G             Cadd9   Dsus4
I never want to live my life

  G                  Cadd9  Dsus4
Away from the golden shores

         G              Cadd9  Dsus4
There's never a country in the world

         G                   Dsus4  D
With the scent of an English rose

G Cadd9 G Dsus4 D

G                      Cadd9      Dsus4
England, oh England, a country so great

    G                      Cadd9  Dsus4
The land of so fair and so true

         G            Cadd9   Dsus4
There'll never be any colours like

     G                     Dsus4  D
The red, the white and the blue

   G                   Cadd9   Dsus4
Whenever you go to the far off shores

       G                        Cadd9  Dsus4
Ther's something that goes with you

    G                         Cadd9     Dsus4
The pride and the joy and the love that comes

          G                        Dsus4  D
From your mother of red, white and blue

G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G Cadd9 G 
Dsus4 D

         A                     C#m         D
You cold never be born under a flag that's like

    A              C#m  D
The one of a Union Jack

   A                   C#m   D
St.George's spirit has never died

It all keeps coming back

England, oh England... (5x)

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