Angels Of Light - Untitled Love Song chords

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Noticed there was no tab for this beautiful (and easy) song, not saying it's 100% 
accurate, but this is how I play it acoustically. My first tab so don't be too 
harsh ;) Comment with any corrections would be grateful :)

Intro: A* A

A               A/D
Free from your past
E              E/A
Free from your future too
A               D              A
Nothing left to rise above but you

A             A/D
Show me your ocean red
E                   E/A
Kiss the tears that stain my neck
A            D          A
Drug me with visions untrue

A           D
But I own a photograph
A                   A/D
You lay there naked on your back
E         D                  A
Safe in a stone house by the sea

A                        A/D
There's nothing true and nothing's real
E              E/A
But I remember one clear feel
A                 D      A
Warm beneath your gentle company

A                A/D
When I lay dying on some bed
E                  E/A
I hope that you'll remember this
A              D              E/A
The only one I want to see is you

Outro: A A/D E E/A A D A (repeat over "na na na...")


A*:  XXX9109 (nine, ten, nine)
A:   X02220
A/D: X00220
E:   022100
E/A: X02100
D:   X00232

Enjoy :)
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