Anni B Sweet - Second Hand chords

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Artist: Anni B Sweet
Song: Second Hand
Album: Start, Restart, Undo

Standard tuning
Capo on 4th fret


Bm: 224432
A:  xx2220
Em: 022000
F#: 244322
F:  133211

Verse 1:

     Bm     A    Em
Your love 
             F#     Bm              A    Em        
your love is second hand, you know
           F#     Bm          A    Em            
You didn't let me see at all,
                 F#           Bm         A   Em  F#
You dragged your own feelings here to us

Verse 2:

     Bm     A    Em
I walk 
         F#    Bm             A    Em                 
I walk until I see the place,
       F#          Bm           A    Em                 
That reminds me of yesterday
          F#       Bm         A    Em   F#
And throw all your lies away


Em                A               F#        (F# - F)
   You could have done it so much better,
Em                A             F#
   You could have told me I was never the one


    Bm    A       Em
And never lend me your heart
    F#   Bm            A       Em       F#
I'm a disorder but you weren't too much order
      Bm       A       
I can fly with you
          Em      F#
Start, restart, undo
          Bm       A       Em       F#
But I can never forget the pain you made
          Em   A
I'm not L.A to you (x2)
Once more

Verse 3:

     Bm     A   Em 
Your talks
               F#     Bm              A   Em
your talks are second hand, you know
            F#        Bm       A   Em
And I don't want them any more
           F#    Bm            A           Em   F#       
To be next to my sweet, sweet, sweet soul

Verse 4:

  Bm       A   Em
I thought 
             F#      Bm           A   Em
that you and I could make a song
        F#       Bm         A  
Telling all the stories of 
    Em     F#    Bm
how loners do go on


Bm      A            Em        F#
I still hear your guitar in my ear
      Bm       A               Em
And I hear you whispering your lot
  F#                Bm
I feel, I feel your heart
        A                 Em                 F#
Beating fast enough to be making love, to be making love




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-Victor Medina.
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