Anouk - Michel chords

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   Dsus2        Asus4         G

Dsus2			(4x)
Dsus2	Asus4	G	(2x)

Dsus2      Asus4                 G
Hey Michel how's life are you ok
Dsus2    Asus4                   G
I wonder if you ever think of me
Dsus2     Asus4              G
It's been 9 years since that kiss
I can help but reminisce
Dsus2 Asus4       G
Hey Michel do you remember

We walked the street to the beat
A                    G
Hand in hand you and me
Smiling faces so in love
A                          G
Hoping that they all could see
     A           D                A              G
That we belonged together you and me against the world
    A                D                 A               G   (pick)
But we found out the hard way cause it wasn't meant to be

                 Dsus2      Asus4     G
Now it's you and her I see 

Dsus2	Asus4	G

Dsus2 Asus4             G
You__ were my first and worst love 
And so it only could go wrong____
But ain't that just the way you learn 
Hey Michel I just wanted to let you know 
That someone else has stolen my heart 
And now another girl has caught your eye 
Dsus2        D/C#                  D/B     Asus4
That doesn't mean I don't think of you 
Dsus2     Asus4                        G
I am just hoping that she'll treat you right 

Do you remember    How we walked the street to the beat...
                 Dsus2      Asus4     G
Now it is you and her I see_________
It was just a silly dream______________

Dsus2	Asus4	G
La la laa la la la laa
La la laa la la la la la
La la laa la la la laa
Hey Michel do you remember 

Capo 1st fret!

Dsus2	xx0230
Asus4	x02230
G	320030(intro)

D	xx0232
A	x02220
G	320033
D/C#	x40230
D/B	x20230
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