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Anthony Hamilton - I Cry tab

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Lady Longting


[Verse 1]
Im so tired of all the love wounds
That u left girl when u went away
F                                       Dm                                   
Sitting here fighting a battle that was over when I had to relocate
        F                              Dm
You see I aint much for letting go, no baby I gotta hold on
    F                                            Dm    
Cuz trials, tribulations, and relationships have all made me strong
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Girl I cry
These tears that I shed are the trail to bring u home
Girl I cry
Mama told me that a mans own tears can make him strong
Girl I cry
I will sit around here and wait for u to come home
I cry for u, I'll cry
I cry for u, I'll cry

[Verse 2]
Away from u and a baby
Girl thats to much for me
I missed choir practice on saturday
Trying to catch the last midnight movie
See I just burried my mother
And I'll be damned if I loose u
Until time bring u home again
This is what I'll do

[Chorus 3x]

Oh, sometimes
Oh sometimes
I sit around the house
Yea I sit around the house by myself
Oh yea, yea
Said anytime
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